EMALLA ELIOT PRO Cartridge Needles 20pcs

Item No.: EN2
EMALLA® ELIOT PRO Cartridge Needles - Make Tattooing safe
●Needle Material: High quality Imported Japanese medical grade stainless steel which are more sharp, smooth and without damaging skin, seldom fork, twice as durable as ordinary

●Shell Material: Medical grade PC material shell which could reduce the friction between the needle and the housing tip
to prevent the power of the plastic brought out, more hygienic and safe

●Membrane: Medium tension safety membrane and 3 rings silicone membrane technology, more tightly combined with the
membrane cap to Prevent ink Back flow can better protect your tattoo machine

●Large ink storage capacity smooth and uniform ink discharge without ink jetting, the round liner needle can tattoo longer line

●Square designed plastic bar fix needles stably, and make the Needle more stablewhen you are lining 

●Non-slip strip design for the body of shell, and Ergonomic Design for the back of cartridges.

●Color caps for easy identification of the tattoo needle configuration, help you find the right tattoo cartridge quicker and work even faster.

●Emalla Eliot Pro Cartridges productionand assembled in the most hygienic condition 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas.
Package: 20pcs/box Cartridges

1RL-5RL/RS/MG/CM          US$31.99
7RL-9RL/RS/MG/CM          US$34.99
11RL-15RL//RS/MG/CM     US$38.99