Item No.: EN3
EMALLA Eliot Micro PMU cartridges are a versatile choice for tattoo and permanent makeupartists alike.
Surgical stainless steel needles
Medical grade plastic Shell
Precise needle configurations: 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm,0.40mmdiameter needle
Inner membrane inhibits ink spit-back
Smooth and exceptional ink flow
Compatible with a variety of cartridge system grips And machines
Over 39 Configurations for standard tattooing and cosmetic tattooing procedures
100% sterilized by E.O. Gas and individually packaged
0401RLMT    0.18mm       Medium 3.0mm
0403RLLT     0.18mm       Long 5.0mm
0405RLLT     0.18mm       Long 5.0mm
0601RLMT    0.20mm       Medium 3.0mm
0603RLLT     0.20mm       Long 5.0mm
0605RLLT     0.20mm       Long 5.0mm
0801RLMT    0.25mm       Medium 3.0mm
0801TRLMT    0.25mm       Medium 3.0mm
0803RLLT    0.25mm       Long 5.0mm
0803RLMT    0.25mm       Medium 3.0mm
0805RLLT    0.25mm       Long 5.0mm
0807RLLT    0.25mm       Long 5.0mm
1001RLST    0.30mm       Short 2.0mm
1001RLMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1001RLLT    0.30mm       Long 5.0mm
1001TRLLT    0.30mm       Long 5.0mm
1003RLLT    0.30mm       Long 5.0mm
1005RLLT    0.30mm       Long 5.0mm
1007RLLT    0.30mm       Long 5.0mm
1201RLST    0.35mm       Short 2.0mm
1201RLMT    0.35mm       Medium 3.0mm
1201RLLT    0.35mm       Long 5.0mm
1201TRLLT    0.35mm       Long 5.0mm
1401RLST    0.40mm       Short 2.0mm
1401RLMT    0.40mm       Medium 3.0mm

0803RSMT    0.25mm       Medium 3.0mm
0805RSMT    0.25mm       Medium 3.0mm
1003RSMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1005RSMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1007RSMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1203RSMT    0.35mm       Medium 3.0mm

1005CMMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1007CMMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1009CMMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm

1005MGMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1009MGMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm

1005FMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
1007FMT    0.30mm       Medium 3.0mm
Package: 20pcs/box 

1RL-5RL/RS/MG/CM          US$31.99
7RL-9RL/RS/MG/CM          US$33.99